Silent Auction


8.27.22 | 5:30-9:30 pm

Silent Auction 5:30pm (Lobby)
Sponsor Reception 5:30pm (DeVos Room - sponsors only)
Doors Open 7:00pm
Program Begins 7:30pm

Steinmetz Hall | Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

As our city stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, the world renowned National Ballet of Ukraine will be accompanied by the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra in a live performance to support Ukraine amid their continued struggle for democracy, dignity, and self determination.

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Event Program


Presenting Sponsors

Premier & Lead Sponsors

Event Committee

Marc McMurrin, Vadim Fedotov, Sibille Pritchard, Alan Ginsburg, Kathy Ramsberger, Ted Haddock, Nancy Wolf, James Digan, Dick and Andrea Batchelor.



The National Ballet of Ukraine

Comprised of 150 dancers, the National Ballet of Ukraine is considered one of the top ranked ballet companies in the world. Prior to the outbreak of war in February 2022, the company staged 16 productions every month at the Taras Shevchenko National Opera and Ballet Theater of Ukraine in Kyiv. Following Ukrainian independence in 1990, the National Ballet of Ukraine began extensive international touring, performing across North America, Europe and Asia. Choreographer Anatoly Shekera directed the company from 1992 to 2000 and was a driving force behind bringing it to international prominence. The Kyiv State Ballet College within the Taras Shevchenko National Opera House produces some of the most respected ballet talent for the world stage. Agrippina Voganova, inventor of the legendary Voganova ballet method, worked and taught at the Kyiv State Ballet College.

Ukrainian Dancers from the National Ballet of Ukraine:

Filipieva, Olena
Golitsia, Olga
Sukhorukov, Mikita
Nedak, Denys
Sidorskiy, Sergei
Lozova, Tatiana
Khaniukova, Katerina
Netrunenko, Vitaly
Panchenko, Alexandra
Tkachuk, Yaroslav
Romashchenko, Vladislav
Kytyzov, Volodymir
Dehtiarova Katerina
Onipko, Svetlana
Sokolova, Tatiana
Chupina, Katerina
Filipieva, Yelyzaveta
Tokina, Anastasia

The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra

Celebrating its 30th anniversary season in 2022-2023, the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra is led by Music Director Eric Jacobsen and is comprised of creative musicians and artists from around the world. A resident company of the Dr. Phillips Center, the Philharmonic performs in the new Steinmetz Hall and partners with many organizations across Central Florida. This performance will be conducted by Maestro Sergii Golubnychyi.


Stand With Ukraine

Ukrainians are a resilient people who have faced extreme hardship over the last century surviving Stalin’s starvation period (1932-33: killing 4 million Ukrainians) and WWII (1941-45: killing 6 million Ukrainians). In 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed and the Ukrainian people voted overwhelmingly to become a sovereign and independent nation. In the intervening decades, Ukraine began a transition to a market economy and pro-western democratic government focused on development and human rights, edging further away from Russian domination to a more self-determined future. Following Russia’s violent annexation of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014, Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine declared themselves independent and launched a bloody struggle against the Kyiv-based central government, displacing thousands of civilians and inflaming tensions in the region.

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You can support this event by purchasing a sponsorship or a ticket. You may also donate online to join our effort to support the Ukrainian people in their time of immense struggle.

All donations are tax deductible

Donate Now

Funds will be collected and distributed by the Ginsburg Family Foundation (501c3) with equal distribution to the three charities below providing humanitarian aid to Ukrainian citizens, refugees, and veterans/families of war. A post event public report will be provided by the Ginsburg Family Foundation on how funds were distributed and used to help the Ukrainian people.

Razom means “together” in Ukrainian. Razom creates spaces where people meet, partner and work together to unlock the potential of Ukraine. They maintain a relentless focus on the needs on the ground to support Ukraine. Over the past eight years, several Razom projects focused on supporting the reintegration of veterans into the workforce and civilian life.

Razom for Ukraine responded to the invasion by reopening the Razom Emergency Response Fund. Every day, they now provide critical humanitarian war relief, procuring and delivering TacMed and other medical supplies including 300,000 tourniquets. Each week, their drivers deliver thousands of high-quality individual medical/trauma kits to the front lines and dozens of pieces of critical equipment that saves the lives of wounded soldiers and civilians in hospitals. They also partner with The Ukrainian Veterans’ Foundation, which provides qualified crisis support to veterans and their relatives, family members of the fallen, captives, and missing persons. Their work with the veteran community will continue for many years as they work together to build a more prosperous Ukraine.

UNICEF supports children and families in 190 countries and territories through programs in child protection, survival education and emergency relief in support of their mission to develop, deploy, and scale humanitarian outreach across communities where needs are greatest.

In Ukraine, teams focus on protecting children from violence, exploitation and abuse, as well as providing as health care, nutrition, education support and access to clean water. UNICEF also works on the ground in neighboring countries to ensure that Ukrainian children uprooted by the war have the support they need to recover from trauma, both physical and psychological. Since February, UNICEF has distributed medical supplies to over 3.2 million Ukrainians, and more than 36,000 women and children have been supported by gender-based violence prevention, risk mitigation and response services.

The EAJC is an umbrella organization that links diverse Euro-Asian Jewish communities and organizations, promotes unity among the Jewish people and ensures the continuity of Jewish tradition and communal life in the Euro-Asian region. As a result of the escalation of hostilities in Ukraine, the local population, including the Jewish population, found itself in a dire humanitarian crisis. Antisemitism is on the rise as history itself has been distorted and deployed as a weapon in this conflict, with Russia claiming to be “denazifying” Ukraine. The EAJC has created a designated fund for humanitarian assistance to the Jews of Ukraine, helping to accommodate refugees in the border regions and the Republic of Moldova. The funds purchase beds, blankets, warm clothes, hot meals, transportation, and shelter.